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Monday, Jan 26

Did a lot of local riding with Dan Wagner, the Grants, and Joe this weekend and had a great time.
The current weather is cold (15 degrees) and snowy which is what I call PERFECT!
A few warmer days midweek and then cooler (not a deep freeze) for the weekend.
 Great time to come up for some winter fun.
Snowmobile, ice fish, ski, local blizzard blast festival, radar runs, poker runs,..........
so much to do during the winter months in the northwoods.

Tuesday, Jan 20

A great stretch of weather coming up!
Warm but not thawing and a little new snow! 
Winter fun is definitely happening at Sunrise Lodge!

Monday, Jan 12

 A frigid week is now behind us.
The snowmobile and ski trails benefitted greatly from the cold and snow.
It was a brutal stretch for ice fishermen.
A lot of beer and fireballs were consumed but not many fish were caught. Just too cold to be out there.
The forecast looks awesome though.

Monday, Jan 5

BRRRRR! It is very cold for the next few days but that is just what the doctor ordered to whip the snowmobile trails, lake trails, and ski trails back into awesome shape. We have plenty of snow and it is supposed to warm up for the weekend so make your plans for winter snow fun today! Lots of happy ice fishermen, snowmobilers, and skiiers over the holidays. The busiest week in memory.

 Friday Dec. 26

We have snow, we have ice, we have winter fun! Mother nature is still smiling on the Northwoods so join us for some snow fun!

Wednesday, Dec. 24

Merry Christmas!

Mother Nature has been verry very good to us lately. 7-8 inches of wet heavy snow and coler weather on the way. Just what the doctor ordered. Hope to see you this Holiday season!

Friday, Dec. 19

Trails are groomed, the lake is solid, and life is good--if you like winter fun!

Wed, Dec 17

Winter is back in time for the Holidays!!!!
Snow and ice and everything nice.
Come on up for some winter snow fun!

Tuesday, Dec. 16

Well it looks like the warm up, rain, fog, and generally crappy winter weather is behind us.
It is currently 23 degrees with a couple of inches of fresh white stuff on the ground and it is still falling from the sky.
Good temps and chances of snow in the forecast thru Christmas. YEAH!

Tuesday Dec. 9

A little warm up is in our future....30's for highs.
Ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing conditions are excellent.
The Sunrise ice rink is ready for you.
Come enjoy some pre Christmas winter fun!

Thursday, Dec. 4

Another cold morning, currently 18 degrees but some warmer temps are on the way
so we can get out and enjoy the great outdoors.
Skiing and icefishing are in full swing. S
Snowmobile trails open Dec. 12 but they are already open in MI and Watersmeet has been out grooming.


Jan 26

We received 2 inches of fresh snow this morning and it is still snowing. Should really make the ski and snowmobile trails beautiful. The guests at Sunrise ALL reported excellent fishing action this weekend. Northerns up to 32 inches, walleyes up to 26 inches, gills, perch, crappie.......Good times when the flags are flying. Still some slush on the lake in a few places, but not too bad.  Trucks and 4 wheelers are out there but snowmobiles work best.

Jan 20

Snowmobile and ski trails are in good to excellent condition. All trails are being groomed nightly and the trail into Sunrise is being groomed  twice a night....aren't we lucky.  Ice fishing has been tough with some slush on the ice after you drill some holes especially and some uncooperative fish. The big Lions Club tourney is this weekend and should give us a better idea of how the fishing really is as we have had mostly snowmobilers the past 10 days.

Jan 12

Going riding to the UP today. Rode  Phelps, Land o Lakes, and Conover last night and met as many groomers as snowmobilers. Excellent conditions. Cross Country and downhill skiing is great and will be a lot more comfortable with the warm up this week. Ice fishing was tough. Moving around is doable but not easy. Warmer weather should settle some of the recent snows and improve lake conditions.

Jan. 5

All trails are groomed, white, and cold today. The swamps are freezing so 100% of the trails are now being groomed. Davey and I are riding to the Frosty Club meeting at the Bear Trap tonite  (at -15 degrees) so join us if you wish--6:00. Ice fishing has been solid for walleyes and northerns both on the west shore and around the islands. Have not heard many panfishing reports. Downhill and XC trails are excellent--just need the weekend warm up.

Dec. 24

All snowmobile trails are white, groomed and ready to ride. Cross country and downhill ski conditions are ideal. Have not seen any trucks too far out on the lakes yet but there are 4 wheelers and snowmobiles everywhere. All local lakes are marked for snowmobiles. Time for some winter fun!

Dec 16

Ice fishing has been good. Action from northerns, some nice walleyes, and panfish as well.
The snowmobile trails are open but took a HUGE beating the last couple of days.
Things are looking much better today and if Mother Nature cooperates we will have good trails for the Holidays!
Downhill and cross country ski trails are in prime shape.

Dec. 9

A couple more days and all our riding will be legal----that's no fun!

Dec. 4

8 inches of good ice on the lakes. Have seen 4 wheelers and sleds on the ice but no trucks yet.
Some reports of northerns being caught but not too many fishermen yet.
The deer season is is finally winding down so we can open the snowmobile trails officially Dec. 12.
The Frosty club trails have been inspected and we are panning and setting a solid base. Michigan is open and being groomed.
Still early season conditions but.....ride on. Cross Country and downhill ski trails are open and in excellent shape.

The Frosty Snowmobile Club will be conducting a snowmobile safety class December 30 from 8AM to 4PM.
Call 715 547 8307 to register.

Bear, deer bow and grouse hunt seasons have begun and other seasons will start soon.


                                                           The 2014 fishing season.

6 lb 28 1/2 inch caught June 23, 2014 by Randy Hile

   Dean Nicolo - May 16 2014  May 17, 2014 - Dean & Dennis Johnson with 24 and 27" walleyes  

Teresa's 1st Walleye 27 inch 7.2 lb in May 2014      Rocky's walleye caught June 6, 2014
Nice Bass are being caught too.

Geri Feld'd bass caught May 29, 2014   Jeff Williams bass caught May 30, 2014

Northern and Musky aren't too shabby either.

Jeff Branan's 38 inch northern caught May, 2014   Troy Wagner's 46 inch Tiger Musky caught June 7, 2014              

Panfish too!                                                                                   



  John Brust has the start of a good fish fry with Crappies caught in June, 2014



Musky picture taken by Tom Kostuch on Sept 24, 2012


Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.


Some days I wish I was JJ Watt.

Super Bowl Bound!?  Wait til Next Year! DUG says the Bears new coach is gonna make Jake Cutler into an NFL QB--we'll see. First he has to learn his name. 

Bring on the Seahawks! They look extremely tough..........but we should just R E L A X.

Glad I am not a Bears fan but at least Clausen looks like he tried.

All you betting Bear Fans can start your Miller Lite deliveries any time now.

Go Pack Go!

Jay Cutler for MVP! Must have been the coach and GM who sucked...not Jay.


Augie - Here is that picture of you wearing a Packer shirt....again and again!
It isn't easy being green. Looks like he'll be wearing this classy shirt again next summer.

Go Packers !

Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.

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Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.